Top 6 Popular Tourist Attractions in Melbourne

By Toby H 2016-03-04 03:27:30

Melbourne the capital city of Australia, hottest tourist destination, leading financial centre and the heart of Australia is located in the Asia Pacific region- on the natural bay of port Phillips. In this post, I’ll help you tourists to explore top 6 city attractions.. Starting from wild life sanctuary to Melbourne cricket ground, this city is full of wonderful surprises. Don't forget to get your transportation sorted out! A cost effective method is to rent a car from Discount Car or other car rental agencies. You can also join a tour group, it will be more expensive but you get to experience each location to their fullest potential with the help of a professional guide.


#1) Royal Botanic Garden Melbourne - Located on the south bank of Yarra River, the diverse flora and fauna will keep you hooked all along. Group tours are organized if you have a team with you. You can discover some amazing native plants, and take back home a few indigenous species back home for your garden. No place is better than this to be in the lap of mother nature. Phillip island natural park, Werrebie open range zoo, Healasavalli sanctuary are some of the other spots for wild life enthusiast.


#2) Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium - Train, cars or trams - anything can lead you to this dream land. This place is famous for its Penguins, sea horses, turtles, mermaid, weedy sea dragons, Antarctic fish, crocodiles, corals, rainforest tour everything that you have grown up watching and reading in tales. You name it and you’ll find it at this aquarium. Once you visit, you will surely fall in love with marine life.


#3) Melbourne zoo - For centuries we have evolved, we walk on earth as human. There was a time when we went hunting in the wild. Somewhere inside us, that wild streak is still alive; it is the time to bring that out. Melbourne zoo houses some of the most exotic species which existed, and is exclusively found in the island of Australia. Be it the black and yellow Regent honey eater, wide eyed Lemur or a lucky encounter with the endangered Sumatran tiger, it’s treat for the eyes, ending with the dreamy fluttering butterflies in the butter fly zoo. It’s a taste of Africa in the islands of Australia.


#4) Melbourne Museum - Considered as one of the largest museums in the entire southern hemisphere. This place is amalgam of culture and modernity. Display of aboriginal culture as well as modern art can be seen here. More than 600 million years old fossils are on display. It is a major tourist attraction and thousands of tourists visit this place every year. To take a dip into the culture and history this place tops the list. Melbourne recital centre, Heide museum of modern art, Malt house theatre, Australian centre of moving image are  among some of the famous places frequented by visitors.


#5) Yarra Valley Wine Tours - A small tour to the wineries, where you can taste, smell, see and know everything out there to know about exotic wines. Once you reach there, why leave out on chocolate and cheese factory. Visit a dairy farm and learn how cheeses are made from scratch.  While you explore, take handful of delicious chocolates and wine as souvenir back home.


#6) Melbourne Cricket Ground - For the cricket fans out there, this place is no less than a shrine. Even if you are not so much into cricket, the amazing display of cricket history will surely entice you to know more about this sport.


Melbourne is famously considered as a paradise. It is a land with changing shades of sky and sea, people, and culture. No amount of time will suffice to experience this blissful place and it will always leave you with a feeling for wanting more.

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Top 6 Popular Tourist Attractions in Melbourne

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