Top 4 Performance Tips for your Business Printers

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Regardless of the type of business that you run, a printer happens to be one of the most vital machines in your office. In case it breaks down, the entire office day may come crashing to a halt. With this cause, this article is a highlight of some of the top performance tips that should go hand in hand to help spare you from frustrations, headaches, and unwanted trips to the repair store.

1. Lookout beyond the paper jams

Most inexperienced people think a printer problem is resolved once a paper jam has been fixed. Contrary to this notion, there is much more that is required including checking the wheel and trays for small pieces of paper and debris that would later cause a jam in the future. Remember to open the doors on the printers to check for loose items. Be keen to ensure the papers are properly loaded in the printer tray without overflowing. It is also a good idea to use the proper paper sizes printer with the device.

2. Align and clean the print heads

Just as it would be important to keep your office clean and neat, your business printers should also stay clean. Different signs should inform you of the urgency to cleaning the device head such as printed documents looking faded, dusty documents, lines appearing through printed images, and out-of-focus colors on pictures.

A new printer will always undertake the internal cleaning by itself due to the inbuilt features. However, you will be required to find the proper way of cleaning your old machine using an operating guide. Along with cleaning, you will be required to keep a good check of your printer's calibration which can be simply done by hitting the test menu option on the device.

3. Fill the printer ink cartridges

One of the commonest errors people make when handling these devices is failing to check the capacity of the ink cartridges of their printers. The cartridges are a significant component of the printer's performance.

Therefore, it is always important to ensure the ink never runs out in the middle of a print job. After you are sure the cartridges are full, go ahead and check the printer heads to ensure that they are not clogged or dried up as any mess on them would ruin your entire printing job.

4. Use the diagnostic test function

Whether your business printers are working properly or not, you should set up a monthly routine to make sure that your machine runs smoothly and efficiently. In some cases, your printer may be moved or dropped but running a diagnostic test would help ensure that all is in place and that the components are balanced.

In conclusion, running a maintenance test before any new print job would help prevent ink and paper wastage. The crash would bring about loses including missed deadlines and lateness turning in client orders. It is vital that your business printers run smoothly.

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Top 4 Performance Tips for your Business Printers

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