The Perks of Indoor Navigation Technology

By Toby H 2016-03-31 00:00:00

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Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were in a shopping mall and you had absolutely no clue where you were going? The chances are about 95% of us have experienced this, and about 95% of us would end up spending an additional 10 minutes wandering aimlessly in search of that “you are here” map directory.

Sure, after enough trial and error we might have eventually reached our destination, but wouldn’t it be nice if this entire process could be simpler? Good news, it can, it’s called indoor navigation technology and major industry players are involved including Google and Apple. There are even smaller players like JibeStream pushing to bring this technology to common everyday use!

What is indoor navigation technology?

The opportunity to navigate ourselves, independently, is about to change immensely. Indoor navigation technology is going to be the gateway to finding intended destinations in a more efficient manner.

In simple terms, indoor navigation technology is the GPS for buildings that are larger than your local radio shack. It could be a shopping mall or it could be a large corporation with many sectors that new employees, or even clients may have difficulty finding their way around.

The key concept here is that indoor navigation is something that can benefit anyone.

Intended users for indoor navigation technology

As mentioned above, this truly is a product that is going to have something to offer anyone. Lets walk through a couple different examples:

Example 1- Family new to an area

A family that moves to a new area visits the local shopping mall is a great example. Once walking inside the doors all that has to be done is booting this application up on a mobile device, giving it a target location, and letting the application tell you where to go.

Example 2- The exciting new position at a large company

An individual who lands an excellent position with a large company already has a lot on their table to prove to their superiors, the location of all things inside of the building shouldn’t be one of them. With indoor navigation this problem is solved before it ever blooms to be an inconvenience. A few buttons pressed and a minute or two spared and this individual can know exactly where they are going.

Anyone, anywhere

So two prime examples leads to the general consensus that, yes, this application can be used for anyone, anywhere. While it has certain ideal scenarios, as anything does, the core to the application itself is convenience.

It’s a modern day comfort to like to know where we are, and where we are going. This is a concept that is a routine, daily experience. This application allows this though to be plain reality at the press of a few buttons.



At one time there was no other choice but to read directory maps, place significant hope in our memory, and hope that the next steps taken were in the intended direction the maps said. While this may have been a challenge at one time, it’s a challenge that modern day technology helps us defeat.

Indoor navigation technology is the answer to never being lost indoors again. Put the maps away and let this do the walking for you.

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The Perks of Indoor Navigation Technology

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