Luxury Watches – Will They Ever Go Out of Style?

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No matter which part of the world we are from or what age group we belong to, all our left hands are usually adorned with a wrist watch. Earlier they were the only aid to telling the time, but now with the invention of smart phones, we use our phones to see the time.

But we still wear watches. Why?

Because they have become an integral part of our style. They are used to make a style statement and owning a luxury watch is a prestige. It’s not just about the cost, but the pride that comes along with owning a timeless watch.

Though luxury watches are expensive, it’s more of an investment because unlike other accessories like handbags or wallets, these watches are for life. They remain classic for a really long time and sometimes, watches stay in the family for generations. They are passed down for the offspring to inherit and having a wrist watch which was previously owned by our ancestors adds a lot of sentiment and personal touch. Sometimes, we associate our wrist watches with memories and they become a part of our daily life.

Watches are forever. They have stood the test of time and have been around for almost 500 years now. They have managed to stick around in spite of all the technological advancements of today and new gadgets entering the market. They are basically irreplaceable.

One reason why luxury watches will never go out of style is because though we buy expensive branded watches because of the quality and their long lasting features, it is also because we associate a watch brand with its history. Owning a luxury watch which is from a premium brand suggests that you have a refined taste and being classic never gets outdated. Pinto Gold has a giant collection of such prominent luxury gold watches which everyone will want to have.

Wrist watches are also pieces of art. Sometimes, it takes years for a watch maker to make a single watch. The intricate designs are carefully planned and carved and it becomes a unique piece of art. Antique watches are now being bought by watch buyers at extremely high prices because they know the value of a precious collectible like that and the history that comes along with it. Being a part of the lifespan of a beautiful object such as a vintage watch thrills them and makes them feel like a part of a long beautiful story.

Another reason why watches will always stay is because we are used to them. We wore Mickey Mouse watches as kids and it has become a habit for us to wear a watch every day. Though we may not use them to tell time, it’s still an accessory that we are used to and going without watches all of a sudden doesn’t look like a change that we will be ready to accept.

Wearing watches have become more like a tradition. We have always done it; we will always do it; not because we are forced to, but because we love wearing wrist watches. We may update our mobiles and change our cars, but luxury watches will always remain in style and not go anywhere.

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Luxury Watches – Will They Ever Go Out of Style?

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