How to Sell Without Saying a Word

By Jayson Kanter 2017-02-22 00:00:00

Most business owners focus on training their sales specialists to have the sharpest techniques and styles.They take them through various training processes to ensure that they have acquired the most up-to-date techniques. What many business owners miss, however, is that they can sell products and services without ever speaking a word. Store Fixtures and product placement can say speak volumes to customers before they ever speak to anyone.

Choose an Elaborate Store Fixture

The first thing that the owner should do is purchase a store fixture that customers will see the moment they walk into the store. Modular multicounters and single retail counters are popular because they provide a lot of space, and they come in some amazing designs. The elegance of such cases will grab the attention of the store visitors immediately. They will not be able to look away from the cases once they see what you have in store for them.

Select the Hottest Products

A good strategy for setting up items on your fixtures is to place scenes on them. Scenes are setups that suggest the items that the customers should buy. For example, you may want to set up a display that has a tablet,case, Bluetooth headset and charger if you want to entice consumers to buy the extra items. Choose color schemes and coordinate arrangements that are pleasing to the eyes. Another thing that you may want to do when you set up your "hot products" display is put a clearance item on the display, too. If customers see the items together, they will assume that all of the times are of the same caliber. They may become interested in purchasing some of the older and hard-to-sell products if they see them sitting next to the other ones.

Create a Vibrant and Enticing Scene

You will want to take a couple notes before you create your scenes. First, make sure that the entire area is clean. You can clean the fixture with glass cleaner and paper towels or newspapers. Next, you'll want to arrange the items so that they standout the moment someone walk in the door. You should place price tags on the items if you are currently having a sale.

Customers always take the time to look at the store fixtures and the items that are on them. You are making a smart decision by using them to bring in new consumers who will buy your products and services. You can start looking for the retail store counters that you need right now. A wide variety of options is available for you. You can choose the option that you think will work best for your establishment. If you want to learn more, you may be interested in checking out the resources at Acme Shelving.

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How to Sell Without Saying a Word

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