How Corrugated Packaging Gives Back to the Environment

By Toby H 2016-05-25 00:00:00

Working in the business of packaging and merchandising is a field that has no shortage of challenges. It’s a business that is constantly working toward more efficient methods, which can be incredibly difficult when trying to run a business in a way that people can look at and approve of.


With a lot of attention on the health of the environment the need to make green-friendly packaging options became essential, which led to: corrugated packaging. Corrugated packaging is an efficient packing material that actually gives back to the environment. 


You may think of the idea of packaging taking a “green approach” to be unrealistic, but it’s true. The following are the ways corrugated packaging gives back to the environment:

1.  Corrugated Packaging= Materials That Are Renewable

As opposed to using hardwood for packaging material corrugated packaging is made from the pulp of pine or birch trees. The benefit to these trees is there is rarely a shortage of them and they can be harvested from managed forests in a way that doesn’t pose a threat to the environment.

2. Corrugated Packaging Can be Used More Than Once

The material that corrugated packaging is made from makes it not only durable, but also flexible. Due to the corners (which are flexible) and the way the box can be broken down makes it something that several people an make use of whether it’s a vendor, or a store.

3. Energy Efficient

Due to the materials of corrugated packaging being primarily from a recycled source it impacts the amount of energy required to make the material. This becomes a beneficial factor from all points of perspective: environment friendly, efficient, and reliable.

4. Easy to Recycle or Disposed Of

Corrugated packaging is a material that is very easy to dispose of due to it being made of recycled materials. The expense of making it is cheaper, should it have to be removed it’s a simple process, it’s a beneficial material all around.


In the world of packaging it’s a constant struggle to maintain a work zone that can do what corrugated packaging does. There are very few materials like it on the market which probably invites a further explanation in regard to what it is:


By definition corrugated cardboard is a material that is engineered from arched paper, it’s a process known as fluting. The way the material is designed it’s capable of shipping and handling a spread of weights and is also capable of shipping any kind of item safely.


There is extra emphasis on the fact that it can even ship pharmaceuticals and other sensitive itemsdue to the material it’s composed of. Last but not least the material does a great job at absorbing image/design making it a great choice for graphics and logos.


With a definition of something it’s easy to recognize the value behind such a product. If you are in the business of shipping and receiving this is a product that can make your life that much easier and grant you the opportunity to give back to the environment.

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How Corrugated Packaging Gives Back to the Environment

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