5 Cool New Features of Office 2010 You Can’t Afford To Miss

By Toby H 2016-05-27 00:00:00

Ever since Microsoft released Office 2010, there have been countless discussions regarding how more efficient it really will be compared to its predecessors. Here we look at some of the latest features that have been included in Office 2010 and figure out what the fuss is all about:

1. Happy To Coexist:

How often have you tried keeping two versions of Microsoft Office on the same computer? Everybody knows the outcome. The newer version of Microsoft Office wipes out the files of the previous versions installed on the computer leaving you pondering over it.

This is another thing that has changed in Microsoft Office 2010. The newer version does not wipe out the files of its predecessors but rather chooses to coexist. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that Outlook stops functioning properly after installing a newer version of it.

2. Say Hello To The All New Backstage View!

Just upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010? Wondering about the disappearance of the Office orb from where it has always been for you? Well, there has been a significant change in this regard. The traditional file menu has been replaced with the all new backstage view. This not only sounds a lot cooler, but also looks amazing and is more efficient compared to the earlier versions of Microsoft office.

To access the backstage view, all you need to do is click on the upper left hand corner of the screen where the “File” tab is located, and everything will be moved to a separate screen with better organization of all the functionalities.

3. PowerPoint Can Output Videos:

This is so far the coolest feature of Microsoft Office 2010 so far. Remember the time when everybody used to get annoyed because you asked them to see the presentation which required the PowerPoint software they didn’t have? Those days have become history with the invaluable addition of a feature that lets you create a video of your entire presentation. The feature not only lets you save your presentation as a video but also allows you to add narration for the ones watching it.

4. Online Collaboration Made Easy:

Heard about the cloud features that Microsoft planned on unveiling? Still Wondering what that fuss was all about? Well, in Microsoft Office 2010, all the users running the enterprise version of the software will get the option to save their files to a SharePoint site whereas the non-enterprise users will get to save in an online Skydrive folder. In both the cases mentioned, the documents will be Cloud based and will be available for modification by multiple users simultaneously. Users also get to track the changes made by other users who will be working over the document.

5. Faster App Responses:

Gone are the days of sluggish apps that used to make you go nuts. Microsoft Office 2010 has performed a lot better in terms of response time and overall performance when compared to its predecessors. Although the change is something only regular office users will notice, still it won’t harm the new users to use the faster and better software.

Microsoft Office 2010 is definitely much better in all aspects compared to its predecessors. It comes bundled with whole lot features that come very handy at times.Since you have been through this post, why haven’t you upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010 already?  You can get it at the best possible rate from Software King without any kind of difficulty. 

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5 Cool New Features of Office 2010 You Can’t Afford To Miss

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