15 Ways To Entertain Yourself And Your Friends During A Long Car Ride

By Toby H 2016-02-28 12:30:08

According to Discount Car, one of the most common uses of rental cars is for road trips but have you ever been on a long car ride with someone that made you feel that you should have stayed home and chosen to sink in your own bed? Well, relax! Lots of people have gone through the same feeling and that’s what we are here for. Let’s see some ways which can ease the drowsiness in such long rides:


  1. Snacks: Well, what else could be there to start with! Let me tell you something - The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach is only halfway true, the other half being that the way to a heartwarming trip is very much dependent on the snacks you have brought along! Choose wisely fellas!


  1. Make a special collection of songs for the trip: This is a very easy thing to do: just grab your ipod and add some awesome songs to make the trip lively. Don’t forget to ask the fellow travelers their favorites or else they might end up getting sick seeing just your head moving.


  1. Random clicks: Take random pictures of people without letting them know. Upload these pictures to social websites and tag them instantly. Although you should remember this thing might get ugly once you’re asleep. So watch out!


  1. Roadside slideshows & odd collections of museums: Often you will come across multiple roadside destinations having collections of things you can ponder over. Trick your drowsy mind into that tunnel of thoughts and make the drowsiness go away.


  1. Shitty Souvenir Hunt: Stop at any roadside shop that sells souvenirs. Every place has its unique souvenirs. Try finding the worst ones. The one who buys the worst gets them all!


  1. Explore places off the map: Take an unexpected turn. Make everybody wonder over where you’re heading next. Go off to some unknown place and capture the moment in your hearts forever.


  1. Car karaoke: The name says it all. Try singing the same song in tune as much as you can. The worst singer gets eliminated at the end of each song. Sounds fun, isn’t it?


  1. Card games: Probably the most common yet most useful thing in a car trip. Play the evergreen games such as Rummy and have a nice time with your friends.


  1. Magic Tricks: Try carrying a trick deck for the trip or something else used in a trick. Practice beforehand and leave your friends completely dumbstruck with your tricks.


  1. Tongue twisters: This is one of my personal favorites. Take a tongue twister and everyone start shouting them loudly at once. Make some noise; let people know you have the tools for a perfect journey. The first to commit a mistake gets eliminated and the next tongue twister is decided by him.


  1. Take turns in driving: Don’t let a single person drive all the way up to the destination. Take turns in driving and let everybody enjoy the back seat fun.


  1. Drama Fever: Exchange clothes with fellow passengers. Do a short drama while in the car. Write scripts beforehand if possible. At the end, stop the car and have an award ceremony for the best actor.


  1. Abbreviation check: Seek revenge of the insults made so far by your fellow passengers by asking them the basic abbreviations related to the government authorities. Sounds silly but half the people won’t remember a thing.


  1. Listing the total states in the country: Set the timer for five minutes and ask everybody to list all the states in your country. Sounds easy, but it actually isn’t. People will take the task as being too easy and will miss out listing multiple states. The beauty of this game is that once they have missed the states, no matter how hard they try they won’t remember which one. Indeed a thing to keep the brain busy.


  1. Play sweet and sour: Wave at fellow car travelers and see if they wave back at you. The ones that do are sweet and the ones who ignored are kept under the sour list. If possible, try pulling up and having a conversation. After all, it is always fun to meet new people.


And there’s so much more! There isn’t anything such as boredom as long as you can innovate. Stress your mind a little; I’m sure you will definitely come up with some cool ideas too! Happy travelling!


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15 Ways To Entertain Yourself And Your Friends During A Long Car Ride

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